With melodies that emit self-confidence and authenticity, Kristane Thrower, better known by her stage name as Grey Genius had humble beginnings. Born November 12th 1991, Genius first encountered music like most industry legends, in church. Marveling at her grandmother's take on traditional Christian hymns, she began mimicking what she heard. It wasn’t until the age of five that her mimicking developed into a full-on love affair with music. When she saw the video for Toni Braxton’s hit “Un-Break My Heart” on MTV’s The Box, Genius watched mesmerized by her range and ability to convey emotion with each note she discovered her first love, music. 

What really gave Grey the push she needed to become an artist was watching her uncle and father make music. It was from then on she began her own journey from strictly singing to artistry. At eleven, while most children were riding bikes or jumping rope, Grey began rapping, singing, and writing her own songs.  After graduating from Riverside University High School in 2010, she went on to pursue her education as well as hone her artistic abilities at Marquette University. Earning a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts and Broadcast and Electronic Communication. 

Much like her name, her music is genius. Grey's musical roots are in Hip-Hop and R&B, with the occasional Pop influence. Despite her roots, she is not afraid of staying true to her story, defying the notion of fitting within the confines of any particular genre.  Radio Milwaukee had an opportunity to talk with her and said: “If you ask her about her name, she’ll tell you that her first name represents how her music style isn’t black and white. She exposes herself to all types of music and feels that she has been blessed with a limitless style, which makes her feel like a genius” (a la 88Nine) .   

 To date, Grey Genius has released three mixtapes entitled Take It or Leave It (2012),  My Love Is… (2014) and most recently, LATE NIGHTS COOL DRINKS(2018). Currently, she is working tirelessly with local artists, experimenting with her sound and continuing to grow with each new experience.

Recently she has performed at several showcases including: 

Cypher Sunday - October 2018

Raw Talent: The Competition - September 2018

MKE To The YO Showcase - September 2018

Lionh3arted Album Release + Special Guest - July 2018

Sifa featuring: Grey Genius, Ms. Lotus Fankh, Auti Marie - July 2018

Milwaukee Expanded - July 2018

Juneteenth Day Milwaukee - June 2018

Locust Street Festival "Lake Front Brewery Stage" - June 2018

 Although her sound cannot be labeled, you can feel her authenticity and devotion to the story and the music. You will always feel the soul that is Grey Genius. And that’s exactly how she wants it to be.